Alpha 78

Alpha 78

  • Alpha 78


Bandswitch Wafer Part Numbers:
Electroswitch  E4C-8 – Front 3 wafers
Electroswitch  E4C-N18 – Rear wafer

78 Operating and Technical Manual Alpha_78_Operating_and_Technical_Manual
78 Parts list PARTS_LIST_-_ALPHA_78-A-PA
78 Low Drive Modification low_drive_modification_78_76a_374a_2
Care and Feeding of Alpha 78 care_and_feeding_of_Alpha_78
78 Tubedeck Blower Replacement Procedure 78_76A_374A_86_blower_replacement_1
78 Bandpass Adjustment 78_374a_bandpass_adj
Alpha Amplifier Keying Specs Amp_Keying_Specs
Alpha Amplifier Production Dates Alpha_Amplifier_Production_Dates
WARC Band Settings WARC_1979_Amplifier_Settings



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