Alpha 2000 Dummy Load

Alpha 2000 Dummy Load

  • Alpha 2000 Dummy Load

The Alpha 2000  dummy load is capable of dissipating four times the legal limit 6 kW for 2 minutes and legal limit 1500 watts key down, forever. It covers the 160 meter to 6 meter bands (actually 1 Mhz-60 MHz continuously). It is a dry dummy load intended for testing amplifiers and station conditions. Two fans on the rear of the unit are automatically turned on when the internal temperature reaches 120°F/49°C . The unit runs off a universal AC supply. Simple to operate and use, the dummy load includes an RF sample output of -60 dBc.


  • Dissipation Capacity: 6000 watt burst, 1500 watts Full Legal Limit continuously
  • Band Frequency Coverage: 160 meters through 6 meters continuous 1 Mhz – 60 Mhz continuous
  • SWR: SWR is flat across all HF Amateur bands
  • Cooling: Forced air convection cooling. Temperature controlled fans turn on at 120°F/49°C
  • Power: 12 VDC Universal 1.5 Amp supply provided or 13.8 VDC station supply providing 1.5 A of capacity.  Dimensions 14.25″Wide, 6.25″High incl feet , 14.5″ Deep
  • Simple Operation: Plug in power supply, attach RF source, turn on the dummy load power switch, apply RF energy to load.


Alpha 2000 Manual A2000_Manual

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