Keying Cable for Ten Tec Eagle

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Ten Tec Eagle Amplifier Keying Cable

Amplifier Keying Cable, made with RG-316 Teflon coax, 6 ft long

Part Number AJX-X275

Ten Tec Eagle to Alpha 9500 / 8410 / 8100 / 87A / 89 / 99 / 91B
This cable uses uses the circuit in the radio (connected to the ACC 1 jack) to key the amplifier.

Plug the DIN connector end of cable into ACC 1 jack on rear panel of Eagle transceiver.

Plug the other end of the cable (red RCA Phono plug) into RCA jack labeled KEY IN (or RELAY) on rear panel of Alpha amplifier.

Do not use this cable with amplifiers that exceed the limits of the Eagle internal keying circuit (24 volts and 250 mA).

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