Keying Cable for Kenwood radios

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Keying Cable for Kenwood radios, made with RG-316 Teflon coax, 6 feet long, made in Colorado

Part Number AJX-X263
For Kenwood TS-990, TS-590, TS-2000 to Alpha 9500, 8410, 8100, 87A, 89, 99, 91B

(Also compatible with Kenwood TS-950, 870, 570, 850, 450 radios)

This cable uses the +12vdc transmit signal on the REMOTE connector (pin 7) to turn on a 2N3904 transistor in the DIN connector. This transistor shorts the amplifier RELAY line to ground, putting the amplifier in the transmit condition.

Plug DIN connector end of cable into REMOTE jack of Kenwood transceiver.

TS-990 and TS-590 : Configure the LINEAR AMP menu settings to Option 1 (“Active High”).

TS-950SDX : Ensure the LINEAR AMP switch on rear panel of is set to OFF.

The TS-850 and TS-450 have menu selections to turn OFF the amplifier keying relay. This disables the relay providing silent keying of the amplifier. The TS-870 and TS-570 need to have the relay enabled even though the contacts are not being used.

Plug RCA connector end of cable into RCA jack labeled KEY IN or RELAY on rear panel of Alpha amplifier.

Do not use this cable with amplifiers that exceed the limits of the 2N3904 transistor on their key line (25vdc/100ma).

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