Service Policy

We are available by email for support.  Telephone support will be added as personnel staffing permits. We are anxious to help you get back on the air, and will repair any amplifier we made IF we can get the parts. This can be challenging given the nearly fifty year history of Alpha. Rest assured that if you purchase a new amplifier from ARFSL that we will completely support you with whatever your service needs are. We are not just a reseller but a full manufacturing and support organization. Our mission is to build the best amplifier possible and to provide the service to match.

Since we do completely manufacture our products in house, the service department is usually fully stocked with every component to repair your present production 9500, 8410 or 8406 amplifier in a timely manner. We have many parts to repair legacy amps, but hope you understand that many of the parts used for example in the 87A are no longer obtainable because some suppliers are out of business and microprocessors manufactured 30 years ago are completely obsolete. The electronics industry has shifted away from offering many parts in through hole versions since the surface mount assembly revolutionized the industry.