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Alpha 9500 Autotune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier

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Alpha 9500 Autotune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier
Alpha 9500 Autotune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier

Alpha 9500 Autotune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier

Model Number: A9500
Alpha 9500 Autotune Full Legal Limit Linear Amplifier
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Manufacturer: Alpha RF Service
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The Alpha 9500 is no ordinary linear amplifier. The Alpha 9500 is the culmination of over 40 years of design and engineering. The Alpha 9500 is an advanced technology, auto tuning, linear amplifier that effortlessly delivers 1500 watts of power with as little as 45 watts of drive.

Full Product Information

Frequency coverage

All amateur frequencies from 1.8-29.7 MHz

Power output

1500 Watts minimum on all served bands

3rd Order IM

<-30 dBc

SWR tolerance


Drive power

45 ? 60 Watts nominal for full power out


single 3CX1500/8877 type high performance power triode with a plate dissipation of 1500 watts provides key down performance on all frequency bands, all modes, and all duty cycles.


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Antenna outputs

Comes standard with 4 x SO-239 BIRD connectors, but can be changed to Type N easily from the back panel by removing 4 screws.

Antenna selection

Internal 4 port antenna switch with 1 or 2 outputs per band/segment

Calibrated Wattmeter

The Bruene type wattmeter accurately simultaneously measures both forward and reverse power and displays this information on the easy to read bar graph meters on the front panel. It also uses the information to simultaneously monitor the gain of the amplifier.

Protection Mechanisms

HV Interlock and Power Interlock.

Bypass mode

There are two power ?ON? buttons on the Alpha 9500. ?ON1? activates the Wattmeter and antenna selector without powering the amplifier itself, and sets the amplifier into ?bypass? mode. The Amplifier is powered with the ?ON2? button.


Comes standard with an SO-239 BIRD connector, but can be changed to BIRD N Type easily from the back panel ? order JCX-X130

Tuning/Band switching

Automatic plus manual override


100,120,200,220,240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, selection Automatic. At 240 VAC requires 20 Amps. Note ? Although the amplifier will operate at 100V, the mains will have to be able to deliver upwards of 35 amps.


Serial port and USB. Full remote control capability.


Protected against all common faults.


Bar graphs display Power, SWR, Grid Current, Plate Current, Plate Voltage, and Gain ? all simultaneously. Digital Panel Meter can display Forward Power, Plate Current, Plate Voltage, Grid Current, SWR, Filament Voltage, and PEP Output.

T/R switching

Two Gigavac brand vacuum relays enabling QSK (full break-in) at QRO (full power). KEY IN jack 12 vdc / 12 ma.

Bypass capability

1500 Watts.

Shipping Weight

95 lb, Assembled weight 82 lb

Product Size

17.5"w x 7.5"h x 19.75"d

Standard Shipping Packaging

We ship the amplifier in a double box, and the transformer in a separate box.

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