COVID-19 Status Update

As of  September 2020 we are open for business on a limited basis.

We are working to return the backlog of repairs that were in process when we were forced to cease operations because of Covid-19.

We are not accepting new repairs until we have cleared the backlog of units UNLESS it is a warranty repair.

The online parts store is CLOSED. We are not processing online parts orders at this time. We are working different shifts and different days to keep our distance from each other to reduce our exposure risks.  We are making some changes to how we handle on line orders and should resume the store later in the year.  If you do manage to place an online order it will be fulfilled whenever we are able to do so.  Be prepared to wait as long as it takes.  If you desire a refund at any time contact us before lodging a complaint with your credit card company and we will be happy to refund your money. Credit card disputes cost us 25 dollars each transaction.

Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time that this situation is hard on everyone, and hardest of all on small businesses.  We really do appreciate all of our customers loyalty, patience and support.