Alpha Move to Ohio

Alpha parts and manufacturing has recently been moved from Colorado to Dayton, Ohio (Nov 2021).
Parts will be unpacked and available for parts orders via the online Store late in May.
Amplifier production for new amplifier orders is progressing as parts and PC boards needed are being procured.
Alpha amplifier servicing will resume in Ohio as soon as possible.

8 Replies to “Alpha Move to Ohio”

  1. Jon Pearl - W4ABC

    It’s great seeing all of the progress that’s being made at Alpha/Dishtronix/Ten-Tec.
    Amateur radio products made in America are still highly desirable!

  2. Dave Jordan

    What a hoot! The home of Drake will certainly be an excellent home base for Alpha.
    Looking forward to the first open house.

    Hoping TenTec will come out with an SDR radio soon. One with Pure Signal to updated Alpha amps.

    Good Luck

    • Glenn Pladsen Post author

      The Alpha 4520/4510 and 4520A/4510A wattmeters have been discontinued and are not in production.


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