Alpha 70V Amplifier

Alpha 70V

  • Alpha 70V - front

Serial Number ranges from 001 to 182
Shipping began in 1970

Model PA-70V Specs:
Used one “Vapor Cooled” Eimac 3CV1500
Legal Limit 80m – 10m (except 12m)
Vacuum Relay T/R
Dimensions: 9.5″h x 17″w x 17″d


70V manual (also 70A) 70V_Manual
70V Bandswitch Wiring 70v_bandswitch.jpg
70V Schematics 70V-Schematics-1
70V 160m Mod Alpha_PA_70V_70A_77_160m_Mod
70V/A Parts List  70A_Nov2017a
70V Parts list PARTS_LIST_-_ALPHA_70V
Alpha Amplifier Keying Specs Amp_Keying_Specs
Alpha Amplifier Production Dates Alpha_Amplifier_Production_Dates


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